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West Werribee Junction: Scope of works

  1. Two new dedicated regional tracks over 2.5 kilometres connecting the existing Geelong line to Regional Rail Link.
  2. A new rail bridge over the existing broad gauge and standard gauge tracks and Bulban Road.
  3. Realignment of Bulban Road to accommodate the new rail bridge.
  4. Service and fibre optic cable relocations, as well as drainage and landscaping works.
  5. Slewing of the existing broad gauge (V/Line) tracks.
  6. Signalling civil works(not illustrated).

A map showing the West Werribee Junction project area and the features described above

Capacity and reliability

Did you know?

We are building dedicated regional tracks from West Werribee Junction to Deer Park, then along the existing rail corridor from Sunshine to Southern Cross Station to expand the rail network and provide passengers with more reliable train services.

Read more about how Regional Rail Link improves capacity and reliability.

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