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Deer Park - West Werribee Junction

Laying of rail and sleepers for the new Regional Rail Link tracks

The new Regional Rail Link tracks will extend from Deer Park through the growing western suburbs of Tarneit and Wyndham Vale and connect with the existing Melbourne-Geelong line west of Werribee.

Scope of works

Construction partners

The contract to carry out this section of Regional Rail Link has been awarded to Baulderstone Leighton Joint Venture (BLJV).

Rail Systems work between Deer Park and West Werribee Junction 

The Deer Park - West Werribee Junction team is packing up their site during the middle of 2014 and making way for the Rail Systems team to start work.

The Rail Systems team will begin working at Tarneit and Wyndham Vale stations to install information and communications technology including passenger information displays, CCTV cameras, ticketing machines and speaker systems.

The team is also working in the rail corridor between Deer Park and West Werribee Junction to install fibre optic and power cables, and the signals that will guide train movements on the new tracks. A signalling equipment room and train radio pole will also be installed in the rail corridor at Wyndham Vale.

Works are expected to take around six months to complete. All works will be completed by the end of 2014. 

Work notifications

Start dateLocationTypeDescription
01/08/2014Deer ParkRoad closures

Closure of Robinsons Road, Deer Park

More details

25/07/2014TarneitRoad closures

Sunset Views Boulevard will remain closed at the intersection with Leakes Road for several months to provide safe access for project team workers as they complete construction in the area

More details

25/07/2014Deer Park; Tarneit; Wyndham ValeConstruction works

Profile grinding is taking place along the railway line in the area between Robinsons Road, Deer Park, to Black Forest Road, Wyndham Vale, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until Sunday 10 August 2014

More details

23/06/2014Wyndham ValeConstruction works

Until late July 2014 project vehicles will use Armstrong Road and Eppalock Drive to enter and exit their site to remove construction materials from the Lollypop Creek area

More details

28/05/2014Wyndham ValeTraffic changes

From Wednesday 28 May until late July the Deer Park – West Werribee Junction project team vehicles will use Parrawong Parade, Candlebark Drive and Candy Walk to enter their site to remove materials from the Lollypop Creek area

More details

12/03/2014Wyndham ValeConstruction works

Noise barrier construction will begin on Wednesday 12 March at Cranwell Way, Wyndham Vale and will continue until mid-2014

More details

21/02/2014Wyndham ValeConstruction works

The Deer Park - West Werribee Junction team is constructing noise barriers during normal construction hours from Friday 21 February until mid-2014.

More details

Protecting the environment

Did you know?

The additional transport capacity created by Regional Rail Link will be equivalent to taking about 45,000 cars off the road during peak periods.

Read more about how Regional Rail Link is protecting the environment.

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