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What is Regional Rail Link?

Regional Rail Link is a landmark infrastructure project designed to remove major bottlenecks in Victoria's rail network. It will do this by untangling metropolitan and regional tracks as they travel through Melbourne's west into the heart of the city.

Dedicated regional tracks have been built from West Werribee Junction to Deer Park, then along the existing rail corridor from Sunshine to Southern Cross Station. When complete, passengers on the Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat lines will have a streamlined journey through the metropolitan system.

Regional Rail Link increased the size of Victoria's rail network by laying 90km of new track. The project also included:

Regional Rail Link creates capacity for an extra 23 metropolitan and 10 regional services during each morning and evening peak period. This means capacity for an additional 54,000 passenger trips each day.

As well as improving existing services, Regional Rail Link lays the foundations for future expansion of the rail network to meet the needs of Victoria's growing population. Read more about the benefits of the project.

The project was jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian governments.

Regional Rail Link alignment
Regional Rail Link alignment (PDF, 850 KB, 1 p.)


Regional Rail Link is...

Stations HeritageUrban renewal Protecting the environment Capacity and reliabilitySafety Innovative construction Community Reference Group CyclingEasing road congestionEconomyLevel crossing removalMinimising construction impacts

Did you know?

Approximately $10 million has been allocated for cycling related infrastructure as part of the Regional Rail Link project.

Read more about how Regional Rail Link incorporates cycling infrastructure.

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